Students Produce MABC Newscasts From Home

April 17, 2020

During the school year, members of our fifth-grade class produce daily newscasts through our MABC (Moravian Academy Broadcasting Company) program.

The newscasts, broadcast to every classroom in Primer-Grade 5, are written and produced by students. Students get the opportunity to be on air as an anchor, weather person, lost and found announcer, or affirmation reader. They learn to use the teleprompter and even work the computer that broadcasts the program. Each episode is an exciting learning experience that teaches problem-solving and public speaking.

With virtual school in motion, pulling us away from our usual green-screen recording studio, our students made the decision to still move forward with the MABC program - but with a twist. Recording themselves from their respective homes weekly, our fifth-grade anchors continue to produce amazingly creative and informative content.

Watch the past two week's newscasts below:



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