Spring 2020 Moravian Academy Journal Published

The Spring 2020 Moravian Academy Journal issue is out!

When we launched our strategic vision last year, we talked about preparing students to thrive in the world of the unknown. Over the past month, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, our school had to adapt to a world full of uncertainties. In mid-March, thanks in large part to our dedicated faculty members (see back cover), we transitioned to a flourishing virtual school environment in a matter of days, a true testament to the way we teach and learn every day at Moravian.

As we put together the final touches of this Journal during our time apart, we felt it important to recognize the qualities that make Moravian Academy what it is: an inclusive community that encourages each person to be an ambitious, curious learner even in the face of obstacles. We chose the theme of ‘Reimagine’ for this issue not only because of all the “reimagining” we have had to do as of late, but because of how members of our community provide new perspectives to reimagine academic subjects, societal challenges, and more to better the world all year round.

In the following pages, you can discover how Lower School science teacher Brad Pomeroy uses rats to give a new meaning to the phrase “you are what you eat” (see page 19), how computational thinking is helping students look at historical data in a whole new way (see page 21), and how invasive lanternflies were transformed into artwork this fall (see page 2). We invite you to learn more about how our alumni, including this year’s Distinguished Alumni and conservationist Henry Whittemore ‘74P (see page 26), are making a difference, and how our students, like our sixth-grade scientists (see page 22) and our FIRE students (see page 24), are exploring their curiosities through independent research.

We hope this Journal provides you a way of feeling more connected to our community during what can feel like an isolating time (see page 18), and that the content inspires you to reimagine something in your own life. Happy reading!


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