Summerbridge Goes Virtual in 2020

May 19, 2020

As we all navigate through more difficult times these past few months, one question that keeps coming up is “Will (insert event here) be happening this year?” Lehigh Valley Summerbridge is happy to announce that we will be continuing our beloved program this year, but it, of course, will look different. 

Our mission has always been about overcoming adversity and achieving success, so we are confident that our teachers and students will be able to continue to do that albeit a virtual model.

Here are some highlights about this summer:

  • Academic enrichment will be provided to the students virtually during the same scheduled weeks of the program, June 15 - July 24. We will also continue to provide high-level teacher training through our two week orientation program.
  • The same students who attended Lehigh Valley Summerbridge last year will be returning this year. Because of the pandemic, we were not able to recruit new rising 7th graders to the program, so it will consist of rising 8th and 9th graders. We are happy to have them all back for another summer!
  • We are working with local districts to continue to provide breakfast and lunch to our students throughout the summer.
  • Nine teachers are joining us this year: five are returning teachers and four are new.  Through distance learning, they will continue to have an impact on our students. They will also have this opportunity to build a virtual learning teaching portfolio, which is beneficial even in “normal” instructional circumstances. 

We are looking forward to the many opportunities this will bring to both our students and teachers.  

About Lehigh Valley Summerbridge

Established in 1993, Lehigh Valley Summerbridge serves economically deprived and academically talented seventh and eighth grade students throughout the Lehigh Valley. Over 1,000 students have actively participated in the LVS program. The program has also served hundreds of teachers, many of which are currently employed as teachers in the Lehigh Valley.


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