Swain Campus Brilliant Bibliophiles Shine in Reading Olympics Debut

Swain Campus' Brilliant Bibliophiles showcased their literary prowess in their first Reading Olympics competition, securing a commendable fourth place finish after months of dedicated reading and discussion.

The Swain Campus Brilliant Bibliophiles participated in their first ever Reading Olympics competition on May 6th at Whitehall High School.

IMG_1961All year long, they have been diligently reading from a curated list of twenty-five books of various genres. Along the way they shared and discussed each one, quizzing each other on the finer details of each book and making sure that everyone had an understanding of each title. The competition consisted of three rounds of questions and pitted them against worthy opponents from middle schools within CLIU 21. Their hard work paid off in a strong fourth place finish, trailing the leading team by only four points! We are so proud of their accomplishments.

Reading Olympics Members:

  • Dalton Sprayberry
  • Owen Dobrowolski
  • Katherine Rush 
  • Cameron Hodavance
  • Jakob Sandhu
  • Amaya Hendrickx
  • Lucy Deyton
  • Elise Neff
  • Jason Luo
  • Levi Hawbaker


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