Swain Middle School Names Grade Deans

October 07, 2022

Director and Assistant Director of the Swain Campus Mrs. Franzyshen and Dr. Das, recently named Deans for 6th - 8th grades. 

Deans serve an important leadership role on campus. They coordinate communication between grade level teachers and advisor, plan and manage field trips and other grade level activities, serves as role models and facilitate leadership opportunities for students during Town Meetings, and offer support and guidance during discipline remediation.

A Dean of Academic Integrity has also been named to serve the school by shaping and supervising the policies and procedures charged with holding students accountable and honest in their academic pursuits. 



6th Grade Dean:  Mrs. Jennifer Mitchell.  In addition to being the 6th Grade Dean, Mrs. Mitchell is the 5th and 6th grade science teacher, 6th grade advisor, and Outdoor Education Coordinator! 

7th Grade Dean: Mr. Jeffrey Haviland.  In addition to being the 7th Grade Dean, Mr. Haviland is a middle school math teacher, 7th grade advisor, and Summer Program Coordinator. 

8th Grade Dean: Ms. Erin Coffey.  In addition to being the 8th Grade Dean,  Ms. Coffey is the 8th grade humanities teacher and an 8th grade advisor. 

Dean of Academic Integrity: Mr. Eric Fleming.  In addition to being the Dean of Academic Integrity, Mr. Fleming is the 7th and 8th grade Spanish teacher and an 8th grade advisor.


In the event a Grade Dean is absent or on leave, Mr. Eric Fleming will serve in their place. 



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