Hurricanes and Their Impact on Puerto Rico

October 07, 2022

Fifth-graders in the Post Spanish Immersion (PSI) class recently learned about hurricanes. 

PSI classes are for students who have completed the Spanish Immersion Program at Moravian Academy's Downtown Campus. Subjects are taught in Spanish, and this week, students discussed hurricanes. 

"A mi me encanta aprender sobre hurricanes y aprendí mucho hoy. Por ejemplo aprendí que huracanes van del Este al Oeste." - Fiona '30

"Esto era muy bueno y aprendí mucho en esta presentación!" - Juliette '30

Students also learned about the effects of hurricanes on Puerto Rico. Sam '30 wondered "¿Cuántos huracanes había en Puerto Rico en total?"

Organizations like World Central Kitchen and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation offer aid to Puerto Ricans in the wake of the recent hurricanes, and you can visit their websites to learn more. 


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