Swain School Book Tasting: Reservations Required

January 28, 2022

Welcome to Restaurant de Bibliothèque!   Our fourth grade recently secured a private tasting at one of Swain's most exclusive book restaurants.  

btasting6Lead by Chef de Cuisine, Nancy McClary, our fourth graders experienced a tasting unlike anything you've ever imagined.  

This world class bistro specializes in realistic fiction and once a year invites VIPs only to experience a three course tasting of their best book selections.

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Set in a bright and cozy atmosphere, each fourth grader tasted first chapters of each course by reading the first few paragraphs.  Like the true culinary experts that they are, each student awarded a star rating for each course.  These book connoisseurs only accept 5 star literature and left with their favorite book in hand.  btasting4btasting8






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