Red and Gold Recital 2022

January 28, 2022

Moravian Academy will hold the 2022 Red and Gold Recital on Sunday, January 30, 2022, in Dyer Auditorium on the Merle-Smith Campus.

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This year's recital features performances from the following musicians:

Emily Cho '24

Oliver Xia '25

Okezue Bell '23, Chessie Bartolacci '24, Yan Yu '23

Emma Derby '24

Anjali Shankar '23

Diya Sharma '25

Ms. Morrison

Sebastian Holbrook '22

Alicia Gordon '24

Sophia Mangino '22

Kaitlyn Lee '23

Isabel DeVos '22

Devin Klotz '23

Keira Smith '22

Red & Gold Recital 2022

The purpose of the Red and Gold Recital Series is to provide serious music students at Moravian with an opportunity to perform their concert repertoire for an appreciative and supportive audience. We believe that the development and growth of young musicians is fostered in a nurturing environment where live performance is the natural final step after significant coaching and rehearsal. 

For almost 20 years, Moravian Academy has celebrated its young musical artists through this recital series. Many of our young artists have gone on to have significant careers in performance and music administration in college and beyond. These students, and others like them who are not appearing on this recital, have spent years developing their instrumental and vocal music skills before they arrive at the Merle-Smith Campus. It is the goal of the music faculty at Moravian Academy to engage all of these exceptional students through a variety of contexts in our programs and motivate them to reach for the highest levels they can achieve as performers and musicians. It is our pleasure to be able to give our students a venue like the Dyer Auditorium and a supportive audience of family, friends, teachers, and peers for which to perform in order to advance their skills and hone their craft. We hope you can join us for this special event, either in-person or through the livestream!

The cover art for this program was designed by Marissa Tinsley, Class of ’05, for the Red and Gold Recital Series. 

Special thanks to Linda Himic, Dr. Rich Fanning, Chase Morrison, Jarrod Yuskauskas, Lee Gaudreau, Jarred Weaver, Dylan Deal, Julia Fox, Owen DePillo, Michael/Marshall Yampolsky, Lucia Cinquino, and Laura and Alison Riker for their assistance, support, and encouragement.


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