Swain Staff Supports The Trevor Project by Completing the 50 Mile Challenge

May 27, 2022

Members for the Swain Campus staff completed a 50 mile challenge to support and raise money for The Trevor Project.

The Trevor Project is an organization that focuses on suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth. As a school community we support this mission and are working to create a school, community, and world where LGBTQ youth are given a voice and safe space to live authentically.

Swain Staff who completed this challenge included Sarah Locke, Heather Manning, Leah Rubart, Megan Franzyshen, Dana Brndjar, Nancy McClary, and Katie Buczynski. By completing the 50 miles challenge, we not only walked 50 miles each, but we were able to raise $3,475 to support this organization and their mission!  

Thank you so everyone who donated to our challenge!  



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