Food Trucks Across America: An Interdisciplinary Fourth-grade Experience!
In previous years, students completed the Wax Museum highlighting people that come from the different regions of the United States. This year, we've changed it up and are doing Food Trucks Across the United States.
Students Reflect on Identities for FIRE Projects
February 08, 2024
The Class of 2027 successfully completed their First-Year Independent Research Experience (FIRE) projects in January 2024.
Brian Yang '25 Gives TEDx Talk on the Impact of Radon on Health
December 08, 2023
What is our responsibility to each other? Can we work together to ensure the air we breathe is safe? Brian Yang '25 asks you to consider these questions in his TEDx Talk: "A look at the impact of radon on health."


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Brian Yang '25 Recognized for Research on Radon Levels, Rock Types

April 05, 2023

For my science fair project this year, I correlated 531,799 radon measurements from 241 zip codes in five PA counties (Lehigh, Montgomery, Northampton, Bucks and Philadelphia) and correlated it to the geology of these counties in order to assess if there was a correlation between radon level and rock type.

FIRE Lights the Kindling

February 03, 2023

Where there’s smoke, there’s FIRE!

SCORE Projects 2022

June 10, 2022

The Downtown Campus proudly presents the 2022 Student-Centered Original Research Experience (SCORE) projects.