The Building Blocks of Research Reports

Fifth grade was busy at work during the months of March and April working on a research report. Students had to choose a topic from the following categories:

  • A major event that changed the world
  • An invention
  • Disease/virus/condition/pandemic/etc.

Students chose some interesting topics like morse code, ballet pointe shoes, the black plague, the film industry, and much more!

Fifth Grade Research Reports

The fifth-graders wrote a thesis statement and came up with three main questions that their research report would answer. To answer those questions the students used a variety of sources for the information. All that information was written on notecards and organized into an outline. Then the students had different sections of the paper due each week: the introduction, the three main sections, and the conclusion.

It was a big assignment, but the fifth-graders were up to the task and wrote some amazing research reports.


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