2021 Lower School Closing

June 09, 2021

Grades 1-5 celebrated the end of the year in our annual Closing Chapel. 5th Graders were joined by their families in Central Moravian Church, and led the Chapel through readings, reflections, and music on the theme of "Challenge and Innovation".

It was great to be together in person after a year of virtual chapels. As Auden Watts '25 shared in his reflection:

Even if it wasn’t the year I wanted it to be, it was still a good year. Why? Everything has its pros and cons. 
Now, with this year, it may be hard to find pros. But think of this for example: 
If you’re virtual, you don’t have to drive to school every day. 
This saves time, gas, and the environment. 
If you’re virtual, you don’t have to wear a uniform. 
All in all, being able to see your friends in person -- 
which hopefully you’re doing right now -- is way better. 
But in the meantime, just stay innovative. 
The pandemic is something that none of us have enjoyed, 
just like many other problems. 
But life throws many bad things your way, 
just like pitchers throw curveballs. 
Cherries have pits. 
Things get lost. 
But look at it this way. 
Life is a rose bush. 
You can’t stop roses from having thorns. 
But, if you’re innovative and clever, you can find a way around them.


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