A Special Opportunity to Sing!

May 20, 2020

Calling all Moravian Academy singers - students, alumni, faculty, and parents alike!

I am inviting you to participate in a community audio recording of "Your Soul is Song" composed by Jake Runestad with text by Germán Aguiar. It is a song about uniting through music in times of difficulty.

The impetus for this project came in part from the sense of loss and helplessness that so many of us are feeling, most especially those seniors who will not have those culminating moments at the close of their high school and college careers. Doing a project like this is a tiny act to help bolster the confidence of those among us whose who are experiencing challenges greater than our own. I sincerely hope you will consider adding your own voice and spirit to this uniquely "Moravian" moment. 

For anyone interested in contributing to the project, I have prepared several practice video tracks by voice part.

Once you feel ready and comfortable to record, please record your vocal part using Dolby On, a free app available on both iOS and Android, and email your recording to me at rriker@mamail.net. Detailed instructions on how to use the app and tips on how to achieve the best recording can be seen here. Please submit by May 28th. (However, rolling submissions after the deadline will also be accepted.)

Remember that you are never too far along in your life to be a part of the Moravian Academy musical community that was richer for your presence when you were on campus!

The Story Behind "Your Soul Is Song" (Written by Composer Jacob Runestad)

When Germán Aguilar passed away unexpectedly in the summer of 2014, it was a huge loss to our world. Germán had a warm, kind personality and a love for life, teaching, and the people around him. He was a choral conductor, had a beautiful tenor voice, and was deeply engaged in the music community.

After a difficult time in his life, Germán wrote this poem — a plea to the power of song and weathering the storms of life. Germán died of a massive aneurysm in the middle of a concert, while he was singing, and I can’t move beyond that image and the meaning it brings to these words. Life is not easy, and is never perfect, but there is so much beauty and joy to be found in song.

"Your Soul is Song" Lyrics Written by Germán Aguiar

When the seams burst,
and the traps ensnare,
and your body breaks,
and the light flees—
Sing then!
For then, your soul is song.


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