Autumn in the Swain Campus Art Room

December 09, 2022

Students in kindergarten, second and sixth grade explored the different media of pencil, watercolor, and clay as they created unique works of art during the first trimester.

IMG_2721IMG_2679-1Kindergarten artists explored the question "Who am I?" Inspired by their handprints, they made line drawings, ceramic bowls and worked on a collaboration painting of a tree. Through stamping and drawing, they created patterns by pressing lines and textures into the clay. They also learned the different stages of working with clay: building the piece, then firing the pieces in the kiln. Kindergarten artists also celebrated autumn by making leaf rubbings. They observed various leaves from a variety of trees and were amazed when they would see their shapes and textures come through the paper!

IMG_2313Second grade artists worked so hard this trimester! They learned how to "see as anIMG_2536 artist" by drawing sunflowers. They discussed Vincent van Gogh's painting, "Sunflowers", and learned about Impressionism. They explored mark-making while creating colorful still life paintings. Second grade artists also took their pencils and sketchbooks outside on a beautiful autumn day. They drew en plein air "in the open air" while observing nature on our beautiful campus. They also created ceramic watercolor palettes inspired by their favorite animal or creature. The palettes were used in the classroom while painting with watercolors.

Sixth grade artists got creative with pinch pots! They transformed their hand built pots into imaginative works of art based on their personal interests.

Most artwork will be held until the Art Show in May. Some artwork will be sent home once Art Show pieces are selected. All artwork in the Art Show will be returned once the show is taken down.




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