End Of Year Projects From Upper School French

We have come to the end of another amazing school year. Over the course of the year, students in French did some incredible work that we wanted to highlight.

Advanced French (Francophone Fables, Fairy Tales, & Folktales)

Madame Sanborn's students had to write their own folktale as their final project.

"La Couronne maudite" a fairy tale by DeDee Hoffman '21
"Le Premier Crépuscule" - a myth by Grace Sanborn '21
"Ce qu'on mérite" - a fairy tale by Sara Xiao '21




"Les Sœurs sorcières" - a fairy tale by Kyla Manja '21 




French 3:

Mademoiselle Wert's French 3 students were provided a variety of final project options that related to covid-19 and/or quarantine.

Both Lily Farr and Pepper Ritchey wrote moving poems about the coronavirus and its impacts, both global and personal. 

*Un poème par Lily Farr: Le Confinement Historique de 2020 Lily Farr

*Un poème par Pepper Ritchey: "C'était le 12 mars" (It was the 12th of March)

French 3 Final Project Pepper Ritchey

Yiyi Chen wrote a blog post outlining healthy tips for quarantine (le confinement), and then based on one of her tips (mindfulness and meditation), she created a very calming French meditation video for others to help others destress.   YiYi Chen Blog Post

Chris Manja chose to create a French take on John Krasinki's program 'Some Good News' (Les bonnes nouvelles), highlighting positive stories he has discovered from around the world in order to lift our spirits during a difficult time. Chris described creating this video to me as his most enjoyable project this 2019-2020 school year - Enjoy these positive stories and his fun spirit below!

Madame Sandborn's students had a variety of options to choose from for their final project.

Samantha Abraham '22 wrote a song.
Emma Gross '21 created a meditation.
Logan Maeding '21 wrote a poem.
Chloe Oudin '22 did a cooking video. 





French 2:

Mademoiselle Wert's French 2 students were provided a variety of final project options that related to personal interests, role models & future goals. 

Nabeel Rifai : Mon îdole, Muhammed Ali

French 1:

Mademoiselle Wert's French 1 students were provided with a variety of final projects options that related to storytelling and/or "la maison" (home).

==> John McKernan chose to create an original story using a variety of the vocabulary, story structures and tenses we've learned this year in French 1. Once he edited his written work, he was tasked to create a video retelling of this story which would appeal to a younger audience.


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