Estudiante Estrella

June 10, 2022

What a fantastic year we had in 2nd-grade SIP with a great group of kids!

During the second half of the year, our second graders have the opportunity to make a presentation about their families, hobbies, trips, and things that are important to each of them. They create a poster board with photos and decorations expressing their creativity, and which they use as a roadmap for their presentation.

During their assigned week, they become the star of the classroom, and get their chance to present in front of the class. This project gives them the opportunity to build confidence as speakers (body language, tone), polish and refine their Spanish language verbal skills (vocabulary and grammar), prepare and practice for a presentation, and to make connections with other classmates who perhaps had similar experiences or likes.

While the presenter shines as a star, the rest of the class learns the skills of being an attentive listener. The audience also learns to provide constructive feedback to their presenter, in a respectful manner. The objective is to be a member of our community who helps each other to become better presenters.

Everyone enjoyed learning a little bit more about their classmates and sharing experiences while building effective skills.

¡Segundo grado brilla como una Estrella!


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