The Music, Food, and Culture of Puerto Rico with Basilio Huertas Senior Center

May 24, 2023

As the fifth grade Spanish Humanities students wrapped up their studies about Puerto Rico, they were paid a visit by some special guests.

Sra. Damaris Torres and her friends from the Basilio Huertas Senior Center: Miguel, José, Ana, and Carmen, all came to share and represent their culture and heritage through song, music, food, and experiences. This special group of friends is known on the South Side of Bethlehem for their performances and for the pride they take in sharing their heritage with others.

5377CCCD-8DDC-4F8C-B45E-429DA1DD5C59Sra. Torres, who hails from Ponce, shared her favorite things about her tierra, from the rich avocados and mango trees to the traditional baile folklórico: la bomba y la plena. Students were given the chance to taste homemade empanadillas and to sing along with the pick-up band of senior citizens who have been beloved members of our extended community for several years now. We thank the seniors and Sra. Torres for their love and humility as they share their gifts with our students.


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