Spanish I Pen Pals Write to Historic Downtown Campus SIP Kindergarten

September 15, 2023

Learning a second (or third) language should be a meaningful and intentional experience!

As students in Spanish 1 at the Merle-Smith Campus begin their Spanish language journey this year, they are partnering with the Historic Downtown Campus students in Spanish Immersion Kindergarten, who are also in their first year of learning Spanish. Spanish 1 students, having begun their first unit on basic greetings, goodbyes, and introductions, put their learning into practice by writing handwritten notes to Pen Pals in Spanish Immersion Kindergarten.

The bridge and potential that exists between all our campuses is rich with possibilities for collaborative learning that spans all ages and abilities. When we apply the knowledge we have to real-life situations, we are better able to see the long-term skills we are honing as students of a Moravian Academy education. Our goal is to make language learning a real experience that stays with the students outside of the language classrooms. We hope this exercise will inspire others to reach out and try something new together!


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