Ian Gutgold '10MA Shares Research with Hands-on History Class

March 10, 2023

Students in Dr. Engl's Hands-on History elective had the chance to talk to Mr. Ian Gutgold '10 during class on Thursday about his own experience with historical research.

He works at UNC-Chapel Hill to complete his dissertation studying ideas about abolition and the future lives of black Americans through the lens of two abolitionists: Maria Weston Chapman and Henry Highland Garnet. Mr. Gutgold previewed the sources that he is working with such as newspapers, letters, speeches, and pamphlets in order to make a compelling argument about Garnet and Chapman's divergent visions of black liberation and freedom. This was a great opportunity for these students who are working on their own semester-long historical research projects on topics of their own choice ranging from the history of ballet in the US to early efforts to support and share knowledge about women's health within America. 


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