The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

March 10, 2023

With its bevy of marvelously eccentric characters, The 25th Annual Spelling Bee delivered countless laughs to audiences in Dyer Auditorium during the first weekend of March. 

An ensemble cast brought the quirk and sparkle to the youthful spellers and adults who guided them through the highs and lows (ding!) of Putnam's annual bee. 

Spelling Bee_©Marco Calderon-6-1A "gymatorium" was created on the familiar stage and lit with tenderness and humor by MA's marvelous crew under the care of Mr. Rob Riker. The costumes, by guest designer Tony-nominee Michael McDonald, brought vibrant colors and added immeasurably to each character! 

The complex score was guided vocally by Dr. Yvonne Robinson, with our orchestra under the baton of Dr. Rich Fanning conducting a mixture of Lehigh Valley professionals (including our own Mrs. Himic) and MA students!  Once again, Ms. Deena Linn joined the team to offer magic feet to everyone on that stage with her buoyant and often comically infused choreography. 


Spelling Bee_©Marco Calderon-4-1

A huge congrats to all the students who took on the challenge of this marvelously complex show and breathed life into every facet of what it takes to tell a complete and enthralling story!

Get ready for Puffs: April 28-30, 2023

MA THEATRE would like to quote a famous British Comedy Team as we begin our next production..."and now for something completely different."  Puffs! (or, seven increasingly eventful years at a certain school of magic and magic), turns a familiar story on its head.  This funny, smart, heartwarming, slightly naughty but alway silly story held its first rehearsal on March 9 as a cast of 15 and the production team gathered around a table for our first read.  We look forward to sharing this story (appropriate for Mature Wizards, yup, PG-13)  when the Puffs take to the stage, ready to say HIIIIIIIIIIII!  Don't miss it, April 28-30!


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