Kindergarten Peace and Quiet Play

May 20, 2022

Friends in Mrs. Stout's and Mrs. Milne's kindergarten class performed the not so quiet, "Peace and Quiet" play.

IMG_2691The kindergarten tradition of performing "Peace and Quiet," a traditional Jewish Folktale from Eastern Europe, started in 2012.  Kindergarten students that year asked to create a performance after reading the tale and the rest is history!  The "Peace and Quiet" play has been a favorite spring activity for kindergarten ever since!  The first students to perform this play are now in 10th grade!  This year, the play was performed three times! We hope you were lucky enough to catch a performance during the school day or on VIP Day.  They did an AMAZING job! 



The kindergarten read this story and learned the morale that "it could always be worse" or too noisy!  It’s a good reminder to appreciate what we have, because things can always be worse!

Our favorite part of the tradition:  Watching different siblings perform each year. 

  • The Duck: Played by Benny Kraus '34 and his older brother Aaron Kraus '28 in 2016.
  • The Tree: Played by Sophie Brown '34 and her older brother Quintin Brown '30 in 2018.
  • Nicky Milne '34 playing the floor and his older brother Matthew Milne '31 playing the horse 2017. 
  • Avery Miller '34 playing the women and her older brother Logan Miller '33 playing the floor in 2021.

Pictured below:  Benny Kraus '34 and Aaron Kraus '28 as the duck and the first performance of "Peace and Quiet" in 2012.

Aaron and BennyFirst year 2012



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