Lions Earn Gold at K'nex Challenge!

Prior to spring break, fifteen of our Lower School students and three of our Middle School students participated in the 2020 K’Nex Challenge at Northampton Community College, Monroe Campus in Tannersville, PA.

Divided into teams, the students were challenged to create a way of conserving energy in the future and design model of their energy conservation idea out of K’Nex pieces. Through teamwork and collaboration, students turned their ideas into masterpieces!

Congratulations to "Team Terry," comprised of students Olivia Olesen '28, Olivia Seymour '27, Maddie Yang '27, and Lily Razavi '27, for earning first place at the competition! The students created "Terry the Trash Collector," which aims to decrease the amount of litter on the Earth. View the team's presentation below:


A round of applause for "Team Terry" and all of our other student participants, including Zander Ritchey '24, Shiv Patel '26, Nicholas Rodney '26, Elijah Eckman '27, Aaron Gordon '27, Aidan Johnson '27, Michael Johnson '27, Makayl Manja '27, Eric Weems '27, Evan Bonyun '28, Oliver Lauden '28, Ian Nikolov '28, Isaac Sharma '28, and Shafiq Sharif '28

2020 K'Nex Challenge


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