March 20, 2020

Amid uncertain times, we turn to what we know best. This week, with startling developments being announced locally and globally every hour, we relied on what we are most familiar with as a school: our mission. 

It is both our call to duty and our roadmap for how to move forward. As you look back on the last five days, I hope you can see the atmosphere of love and understanding extending beyond the walls of any one building. I hope you can see the sound innovations to meet contemporary challenges. I know I can. After all, we call perseverance, creativity, empathy and curiosity the Mission Skills for a reason.

I am grateful for the support and goodwill that our students, staff, and faculty continue to show even while we are all physically apart from one another.

This week, one of our primary goals was to establish a connection with each of you and your families. Thank you for sharing your readiness with us. You have communicated with us about items your child may need to retrieve from school, shared concerns regarding health and technology, and given us a thumbs up on your child’s preparation for virtual learning. Our plans will keep evolving and we will continue to ask you to share your experiences in quick contact forms. 

Here is a sneak peek into how our faculty has been adjusting to the "new normal." Our teachers have transformed their homes into working spaces and virtual classrooms, some featuring furry friends and small teaching assistants. I can't thank our teachers enough for their resilience during this challenging time.

Feedback from our community has been uplifting & encouraging! 


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