2019 Lower School Science Fair

May 08, 2019

The Lower School kicked off its fourth annual science fair for students in first grade through fifth grade.

Not a formal fair with a panel of judges or a highly regimented assessment process, the fair is intended to stimulate discovery with the framework of the scientific method. The students learned throughout the experimentation process, examined their results and shared their findings (favorable or unfavorable) with their peers without the pressure of grading.

Each grade level (with the exception of PreK and Kindergarten, which conducted experiments as a class) was assigned a specific material to conduct experiments on.

  • First Grade: Paper
  • Second Grade: Water
  • Third Grade: Rubber Bands
  • Fourth Grade: Cardboard
  • Fifth Grade: Grocery Store Plastic Bags

This year, students were also given the option to come up with a Science Fair idea that highlighted the environment, ecology, or conservation using the assigned materials for their respective grade levels. By connecting an experiment with local, regional or global environmental issues, our students become more empowered to be the advocates for a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable world.

On May 8th, the science fair presentations were on public display in the CE Auditorium.

Students will present their projects during class May 9th through May 21st.

The projects turned out fantastic and we could not be more proud of our students' work!

LS Science Projects 2019


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