Lights, camera, action! MABC!

September 19, 2019

Lights, camera, action!  Our new year of MABC has begun!  Moravian Academy Broadcasting Company is live every day in the Lower School from 10:20-10:30 am.

The program is broadcast to every classroom, from Primer to Grade 5.  Each fifth grader gets the opportunity to produce the program and be on air as an anchor, weather, lost and found, and affirmation reader, use the teleprompter and work the computer that broadcasts the program.  Fifth graders write the daily script and prepare topics that are shared on the program.  Students from other grades also come on the show to share presentations too.

We have already had an amazing bookstore commercial from third grade that has brought in a lot of business to our school bookstore!  This program is a wonderful way to work on public speaking, writing skills, and flexibility as well as learn the ability to think on the fly!


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