Math Department Chairs Present Reveal Math

November 30, 2022

Before Fall Break, the Family Association meeting featured a presentation from Math Department Chairs Mrs. Turcotte and Mrs. Andreychak about our new math program, Reveal Math. In addition to giving details about the curriculum, Mrs. Turcotte and Mrs. Andreychak shared an update on the process of implementing the program. Below, please view the presentation as well as a video of the meeting.


We are very excited about the new curriculum and are working closely with all our teachers to make sure they have the tools and support necessary to effectively teach mathematics to each of our students. As with any comprehensive, multi-faceted curriculum, implementation occurs in stages with the teachers first focusing on mastering the foundational aspects of the program. Initially, our Downtown Campus teachers are focusing on the instructional design elements of Reveal Math as well as the differentiation tools and informal and formal assessments. Under the guidance of the publisher, our teachers will continue to integrate additional aspects of the curriculum throughout the next year.

To help support teaching and learning, our teachers will continue to have access to various trainings, as well as informal meetings with Mrs. Turcotte and Mrs. Andreychak. Ultimately, successful implementation of a new curriculum hinges on an iterative process that includes training, support, and collaboration as well as a strong relationship between the school and families. If you have any questions about the program or your child’s math progress, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Math Chairs, your child's teacher, or me.


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