Microscope Madness in Sixth Grade Science

December 09, 2022

Students in sixth grade science recently completed a Microscope Madness Lab giving these young scientist a view of microscopic organisms, paper, plastic, and more!

IMG_2459-2During biology class, sixth grade has been studying living things. Students started their study by first learning about unicellular organisms, including an in-depth look into how they were first discovered. This discovery included an interesting story about tooth plaque and a homemade microscope that looked like a little paddle.

After the discovery of the first unicellular organism, these scientists jumped into their IMG_2464-2unit of microscopes and learned about the different types of microscopes, magnification, and resolution.

Proper use, skills, and technique were put to the test during a microscope madness lab. Students viewed microscopic organisms, paper, and plastic as well as colored newspaper under a microscope. The lab also included viewing images produced by an electron scanning microscope and a creative writing piece about what adventures they would go on if  shrunk to microscopic size.

Once students master the microscope and microscopic organisms, they will begin their study of the parts of the cell. 



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