"Pre-Teens & Quarantines" - A Podcast

April 21, 2020

Author of Middle School Matters, Phyllis Fagell, was recently interviewed for the "Equal Parts" podcast. The podcast episode, called "Pre-Teens and Quarantines," is full of helpful tips for working with middlers, boys and girls, during these unprecedented times. Below is a summary along with a link to the entire podcast. 

"This is a really tough time for pre-teens and middle schoolers. School is closed. They’re hunkered down at home with their families. Add to this the transition from childhood to adolescence, and this moment presents a precarious moment in their lives. Friends are their world, but, suddenly, they’re forced to keep a social distance. School days and after-school activities have given way to distance learning and Zoom chats with the grandparents. Phyllis Fagell, licensed clinical professional counselor and author of Middle School Matters, returns to the podcast to help the parents of pre-teens navigate the coronavirus crisis with compassion. She shares ideas on how kids of this age can cope with – and take command of – this unprecedented situation. Phyllis explains why now is the time to focus on connecting with your middle schoolers and look to expand the definition of learning beyond school work."

Listen to the full episode to learn:
-How to help pre-teens feel more secure, reassured, and in control right now (while also giving them the autonomy and space they need)
-How to set boundaries while letting middle schoolers “be the architect of their plans”
-Advice on encouraging pre-teens to stay healthy and active, both physically and mentally
-Prosocial healthy outlets outside of screens, phones, and social media (books, mindfulness, and exercise are all encouraged)
-Why you should be monitoring your child’s social media and online use to prevent fatigue, bad habits, and negative behaviors
-Ways pre-teen boys versus girls are handling this challenging time (For more information, visit www.phyllisfagell.com.)


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