Students Explore Venezuelan & Colombian Cuisine

February 12, 2020

My Upper School Latin American Food class explores the geography of Latin American and the various types of cuisine within it.  About once per week, students get to try something new in class, whether it be Maria cookies, Malta, or traditional tropical fruit juices.

Last week, Spanish 4 students learned how to make "arepas", a food that is traditional of Venezuela and Colombia, made with pre-cooked corn flour. They made their own masa and molded it to the shape of an arepa, then toasted them on the portable griddle, and filled them with their choice of different kinds of cheeses, butter, and/or ham. 

The students had a great time and many of them liked their new creations.  The flour, "Harina Pan" can often be found in most local grocery stores in the Lehigh Valley.

Arepa Making 2020


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