Pre-K Churns Butter as Part of Colonial Times Unit

November 08, 2019

As a part of our unit on colonial times, Mrs. Katie Merluzzi and Mr. Michael Merluzzi, parents of Nora Merluzzi '33, generously visited our Pre-K students.

Butter Churning - Pre-K

A volunteer at
Daniel Boone Homestead, a historic site in Birdsboro, PA, Mrs. Merluzzi brought her butter churning lesson to our classroom. Mr. Merluzzi passed around individual jars of cream for each child to shake while they all had a turn to use the old ceramic churn.

Mrs. Merluzzi taught us a song that used to be sung while churning butter to pass the time. She also had some old butter stamps to demonstrate how colonial people made butter fancy and shared how butter was saved in cellars. 

Thank you, Mrs. & Mr. Merluzzi, for spending time with us!


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