Strategic Vision 2020 Update

July 11, 2020

Dear Moravian Academy Community,

No one anticipated a year like we are experiencing in 2020. Amid all the change and disruption brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Moravian Academy remains now and always a place of learning. As such, our school is committed to thoughtful 

improvement from year to year. This allows us to navigate the defining question of this moment: How do we preserve the essence of who we are while confidently adapting to meet the most pressing challenges of today?

Moravian Academy answered this question in 2018 with our strategic vision: to shape the student experience around curiosity and the deeply intellectual, personal, and lifelong growth it inspires. Two years later and amid complex forces of changes in our society, I’m pleased to send you this update and recommit to our strategic vision. Our learning and efforts to improve will not stop as we confidently assess and thoughtfully respond to the changing environment for students, for families, and for schools. Institutional developments will continue, but we will assess them through the lens of the pandemic as we maintain our commitment to continuous improvement.

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Like the journey of a learner, our path is not linear - but one that winds as we discover and grow. By regularly assessing our progress, we’re asking ourselves: “What’s working? How do we want to improve as a school? What do we refine next?” As you read through this report, we invite you to ask yourselves these same questions and reflect with us in Parents’ Association meetings throughout the year. Your feedback, as a member of our strong and vibrant community, is integral to realizing our school’s vision in full.

On behalf of our dedicated and future-oriented Board of Trustees, I am excited for us to be on this journey together as we shape the Moravian Academy student experience around curiosity and the lifelong growth it inspires.



Jeff Zemsky

Head of School


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