Moravian Academy Begins Planning to Offer AP African American Studies
January 28, 2023
Black Student Union (BSU) leaders, Gianna Tout-Puissant '23, Tianna Tout-Puissant '23, Moriah Mitchell '23, and Okezue Bell '23, are in the works of getting AP African American Studies offered for juniors and seniors starting in the fall of 2023!
Improv Elective 'Pops Up' in Classrooms
January 31, 2023
The Improv tradition at the Downtown Campus Middle School moved into the school day this year by becoming an elective.


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In the Name of LOVE

February 01, 2023

Like most of you, I find that it takes an effort to create balance in my life.  I love serving as the Head of School of Moravian Academy. There are so many great activities to participate in and fascinating individuals to connect with as I get to know this amazing community, so it stands to reason that striking a balance can be tricky at times.

Go Play!

January 11, 2023

As part of our year-round onboarding program for colleagues that are new to Moravian, we held a social gathering at Dave & Busters Monday afternoon.  We gave everyone game cards and divided into teams with several objectives:

My Big Three

January 04, 2023

The start of a new year is always a great time to reflect on the year that just passed and to think about how we might grow even more in the year ahead.