Student Art Dazzles at 2022 NAHS Art Show

June 03, 2022

More than 150 artists showcased their art, including paintings, ceramics, photography, wood sculptures, and more. 

Correction: When originally published, this article incorrectly stated that the Art Show included work form 70+ artists, but the show actually included art from over 150 talented student artists. We apologize for the error. 

Merle-Smith Campus spaces were transformed into art exhibits on Wednesday, June 1, as families, faculty, and students supported student artists at the National Art Honor Society (NAHS) Art Show. 

This huge, collaborative celebration of the arts was led by NAHS co-presidents Rosie John '23 and Max Sanchez Josa '22 as well as junior leaders Aleena Anas '23 and Sierra Smith '23

"Every day working with our students is a reminder of the power of the human spirit," says art teacher Sue Maurer. "We are incredibly fortunate to be supported by our wider school community to include making and creating as a part of our lives: be it visually, performing and/or with words. We are all so enriched."

Fellow art teacher Lindsay Woodruff also speaks to the magic that happens when art and community come together, especially when considering that this is the first in-person art show in two years. She says:

The energy and fun of working together to prepare, hang, and celebrate creative works was palpable throughout the weeks leading up to the event. So many students helped and actively participated in hanging their own work, and helping their fellow students to shine. The entire process filled me with joy and hope. Thanks to everyone for working together in true MA spirit!

Thank you to every single member of our community who showed up in support of the arts at Moravian Academy. See below for a video of students preparing their work. We will share more photos from the event as they become available. 

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