Catching Up with AP and Honors Chemistry

May 26, 2023

It has been a busy spring filled with labs, learning, and a little friendly competition for Mr. Wisdo's chemistry classes. 


AP Chemistry - The Chem-petition!

After celebrating our year of content, AP Chemistry took on the Chem-petition in teams of three to compete for the chemistry crown! Students competed across four activities in our day; What's the Solution Escape Room, Nuclear Fusion, the Egg-cellent Balancing Race, and the Chemic-OWL Assessment. In our first event, student's completed an escape room that covered solubility, sign language, and secret codes to unravel my favorite solution (Barque's Root Beer!). The next event, Nuclear Fusion, involved students launching rubber stops at targets on the board to earn points. Students had to develop a baking soda and vinegar system to launch their stoppers- it was a "radioactive" mess! We then raced around the chemistry building while balancing eggs on spoons in a relay race that teams earned points in by completing laps and successfully balancing reactions when they weren't racing around the building. Our final event was a Kahoot that reviewed a variety of topics and problems from throughout the year. In the end, Increasing Entropy (Devon B., Alicia G., and George H.) and Slay Baes (Alizeh A., Megan D., and Chessie B.) won the crown for their respective classes! 

Honors Chemistry - Equilibrium & Le Chatelier's Principle Lab

Honors Chemistry jumped into a series of five different lab activities to begin investigating equilibrium and Le Chatelier's Principle. Students explored how varying concentration, temperature, and pressure can impact different reactions' equilibria. These activities and the data students gathered will be used in a preliminary analysis for homework and followed-up with further analysis and discussion in class. 


AP Chem - Test & Review Day

20230429_150429A year of college-level chemistry content covering 91 topics, 9 chapters, and 14 labs has wrapped up! The AP Exam on May 1 rounded out an intense year for our students and we've since been celebrating and working hard on our Final Project. Prior to the Monday exam, students came in on a rainy Saturday to study, meet Samson (Mr. Wisdo's dog), and enjoy some prep time before the test. On test day, the class wore our matching AP Chemistry shirts to show our support for each other. 


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