Women's Awareness Club Hosts Chapel

Last week, the Women’s Awareness Club hosted a Women’s History Month Chapel.

Students played a Kahoot! to learn about important dates, statistics, and figures in Women’s History, a lot of which were surprising to most people. We listened to powerful speeches from Peyton Lauden ‘26, Gracie Hylton ‘23, Ava Noel ‘24, and Audrey Boucher ‘23. There were also readings from Anika Agrawal ‘23, Emily Cho ‘24, and our advisor, Mrs. Weems. The rest of the club members came together on stage to share anonymous stories from women and girls in our community about how identifying as a woman has impacted their school experiences. 

This Chapel provided a space for our community to reflect on gender biases and hear the personal experiences of their peers, which put gender issues into a different perspective. Often, people consider these problems more deeply when they affect people they know personally. The audience was moved and inspired by the reflections. We finished Chapel with an emotional performance of “Perfect” by Pink by Women’s Chorale. 

We are very proud of our club members for being vulnerable and creating a safe space for our community to reflect.


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