Women's Awareness Club Leads, Educates, and Advocates

April 01, 2021

To honor and celebrate Women’s History Month, which occurs each March, the Women’s Awareness Club organized activities and would like to share the engagement with our greater community.

Beginning with a closer look of the Suffragette Movement, the Women’s Awareness Club watched the movie The Suffragette and discussed the waves of feminism with guest speaker Cara McClintock-Walsh, professor of English and Women Studies at Northampton Community College. Topics of discussion included the background surrounding the movie, the various suffragette movements in both Europe and America, and the societal standards of women in the 20th and 21st centuries. 

Womens Awareness Club 2021


The Women’s Awareness Club also collaborated with the Committee of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to discuss important modern issues concerning sexual harassment and sexism. Among the topics discussed were the percentages of women who have experienced sexual harassment firsthand, the impact of the trending phrase “not all men”, the normalization of catcalling, and potential steps that can be taken to lower rates of sexual harassment among women.

To finish off commemorating this month, the Women’s Awareness Club organized an Upper School-wide advisory activity on the importance of Women’s History Month, in which each student was asked to send a picture of a woman that inspires them.

See the Advisory Presentation

Each advisor then combined each of their students’ image into collages, which will be posted around the school, representing the women that inspire our community. Stay tuned to see the finished product!

Contributing writers: Veronica Burchielli '22, Lily Eyvazzadeh '22, Keira Smith '22


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