March Celebrations and Observations

March 03, 2023

As we look toward Spring, March holds many opportunities for introspection, growth, and celebration.

National Women’s History Month traces its roots to March 8, 1857, when women from various New York City factories staged a protest over poor working conditions. The first Women's Day celebration in the United States was in 1909, also in New York City. In 1981, Congress established National Women's History Week to be commemorated annually the second week of March. And in 1987, Congress expanded the week to a month and every year since has passed a resolution designating March Women’s History Month.

Every Women's History Month has a theme. The 2023 Women's History Month theme is Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories

Other Month Long Observances

Ethnic Equality Month 

Gender Equality Month 

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month 

Greek-American Heritage Month

Irish-American Heritage Month 

Important Calendar Dates

March 8th: Holi, also referred to as the Festival of Colors, is a Hindu celebration marking the beginning of spring after a long winter, symbolic of the triumph of good over evil. 

March 8th: International Women’s Day is devoted to celebrating the achievements of women and to seeking gender equality.

March 22nd: Ramadan begins on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, prayer, spiritual reflection, and unity. 

March 31st: International Transgender Day of Visibility is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of transgender and gender nonconforming people while raising awareness of the work that still needs to be done to achieve trans justice.


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