Merle-Smith Underclass Awards: 2023

June 02, 2023

On Thursday, June 1, 2023, Moravian Academy recognized excellence in academics, citizenship, creativity, and student leadership during its annual Special Awards Ceremony. 

Moravian Academy faculty, parents, and the student body gathered in Dyer Auditorium to celebrate the 2023 awardees. This year, we are proud to recognize the following students: 

Student(s) Award

Luke Pokojni '24

Rochester Institute of Technology Scholarship Recognition

See table below.

National French Contest 2023
Ryan Paul '24, Hanning Yan '25 American Mathematics Competition Award
Fisola Oyerokun '24 Dwight D. Eisenhower Award
Rayna Malhotra '24, Hunter Zicherman '25, Caleb Greene '26 Community Service Awards
Alicia Gordon '24 W.E. Doster Award
Sunny Chen '24 Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award
Charm Vega-Smith '24 Junior Award in History
Joseph Oltman '24 The Sophie Zumas Drama Award
India Debbage '24, Ginevra Toso '24, Zander Ritchey '24, Devon Berkove '24 Joe-Patricia Stiles Carlock ('20) Awards in Art
Alicia Gordon '24, Emma Derby '24 Joe-Patricia Stiles Carlock ('20) Award in Music
Valia Tsirukis '24, Emily Cho '24, Emma Derby '24 Music Honors
Carleigh Andreas '24  Rotary--Camp Neidig Award
Michael Alayon '25

The Hugh O'Brian Leadership Award

Sophie Wandall '26

The Paula Ward Leadership Award*

Autumn Nembhard '25

The Family Association Leadership Award*

Emma Derby '24, Ginevra Toso '24

The Bryn Mawr College Book Award*

Megan Dadio '24

The Alumni Association Leadership Award*

Caden Cohan '24, Alicia Gordon '24

The David and Miriam Devey Award*

National French Contest 2023

Le Grand Concours, or the National French Contest, is sponsored each year by the American Association of Teachers of French. Students take an exam each spring to be ranked on regional and national levels. Moravian Academy French students once again met the challenge and achieved high distinction. While many more were ranked in the top 10 on the regional level, we are celebrating those who received national recognition today. 

Student(s) Level Award

Sophie Wandall '26

2 Gold

Ginevra Toso '24

4 Gold

Perseus Fowler Perlaza '25, Charlene Liu '26

2 Silver

Sunny Chen '24

3 Silver

Grace Baittinger '24

4 Silver

Rebecca Farrell '25, Yasvika Nimalan '26

2 Bronze

Colin Moore '25

3 Bronze

Emma Derby '24, Rathusha Nimalan '24

4 Bronze

Nicholas Hidalgo-Schnaars '26, Elle Price '26, Zari Whyld-Thomas '26, Iosif Zavilevich '26

1 Honorable Mention

Celine Baki '26, Abigail Dubow '25, Ema Miele '25

2 Honorable Mention
Grayson Bucher '25, Autumn Nembhard '25, Zander Ritchey '24 3 Honorable Mention
Noah Breithaupt '24, Kaitlyn Lee '23, Rohan Mehta '23, Adrian Vanegas '23 5 Honorable Mention


*Selected by the faculty

Note: Employees of Moravian Academy may not nominate members of their own family for awards or honors, nor do they participate in discussions pertaining to award candidacy of any student in a family member's grade.


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