2021 Middle School Summer Reading

June 09, 2021

Prior to the beginning of the school year students are expected to read the assigned summer reading books and complete the assignments. Early in the school year, teachers will host conversations around these books.

- 6th graders are expected to read two books (English)

- 7th Graders are expected to read two books: (English & History) 

- 8th Graders are expected to read two books: (English & Social Studies) 

In addition to the summer readings noted, we encourage students to read other books, articles, or blogs that interest them. What is most important is that students are curious, explore their passions, and read.

Rising 6th Graders

     - English

Rising 7th Graders

     - English

     - History

Rising 8th Graders

     - English

     - Social Studies


What we're curious about