Moravian Academy Partners with Crane + Peters

November 09, 2022

Over the past two years we, as a newly merged school, have been shaping our strategic direction by building upon and growing our beloved communities and programs.

Many families, students, faculty, staff, and alumni shared their voices and perspectives with us, and it is because of our collective efforts and the care we hold for our campuses and the education of our students that we are ready to announce the next step forward in our strategic process. 

Moravian Academy has engaged the strategic services of Crane +Peters, a national leader in school identity, branding, and marketing. Partnering with the experts at C+P, our goal is to examine and build on Moravian's core strengths, mission, and values so we can communicate them more strategically, authentically, and compellingly. If this sounds familiar, it's because this next phase both continues and elevates the identity work that we began together following our 2020 merger.

What does this mean? In short, we're updating how we tell the Moravian Academy story. C+P will help us bring clarity and build consensus around our strengths, challenges, and hopes for the future; develop positioning statements; and roll out a cohesive and comprehensive visual identity. 

The Next Steps: Campus Visits & Focus Groups

A team from C+P will join us on our campuses Tuesday, November 15, and Wednesday, November 16. During their visit, expect conversations with key leadership, classroom visits, and observations to get a sense of our community and what learning looks like at Moravian.

Additionally, C+P will conduct a series of focus groups and individual conversations via Zoom in early December with many stakeholders in our community. You may be invited to attend a focus group or an individual interview to share stories and aspects of your experience with Moravian Academy. Your voice matters! We hope you’ll be willing, able, and excited to play a part in this important work—and we hope you will share with C+P both your practical insights and your boldest, bravest aspirations for our school.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Director of Communications & Marketing, Mrs. Stephanie Vasta. 

Thank you in advance for your partnership in all to come!


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