LCDR Rory Yoder '06MA Shares Message for Veterans Day
November 20, 2023
In celebration of Veterans Day, Lieutenant Commander Rory Yoder '06MA shared a video message with our students about his role in the U.S. Coast Guard, why he chose this career path, and the importance of Veterans Day.
Our Community Brought the Sunshine to Country Fair Weekend
October 18, 2023
This past weekend was filled with ways in which our community comes together. Without the countless volunteers, the many activities and events would not have been possible.
Get to Know LCDR Rory Yoder '06MA
Rory Yoder '06MA is a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Coast Guard. He's a third-generation military aviator with a true curiosity and compassion for foreign cultures, language, and people. He is a husband and father. At Moravian Academy, he loved art and played varsity soccer. Now, he's an Olmsted Scholar living and learning in Croatia.


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