US Golfers to Play in Lehigh Valley Amateur

September 25, 2020

Thomas Young '24, Sebastian Holbrook '22, and Evan Eichenlaub '23 are slated to play in the 84th annual Lehigh Valley Amateur at Green Pond Country Club. 

The golfers have been looking forward to participating in the tournament since the summer. Holbrook told The Morning Call, "It’s a good way to start the [fall] season and keep the competitiveness going in the high school season." 

Likewise, Eichenlaub has been perfecting his swing, saying, "This year, I’m getting more power behind every shot and it’s powered me through the swing change. I’m trying to not swing hard with it, just slow and easy. And if something goes wrong, I just go back to the fundamentals.”

According to The Morning Call, Young "missed three or four months of practice," but has made great progress recently. "I’ve slowed the swing down before adding speed a little bit at a time, so I’m in more control," he said. 

We wish our golfers success at the tournament!

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