Who Am I and Who Can I Become?: The Class of 2023

Our mission asks students to consider the question Who Am I and Who Can I Become?

Inspired by our faculty and guided by our exceptional team of college counselors, seniors are able to articulate their journeys of self-discovery through their college essays. This year's essays explored all sides of our students' experiences, from intellectually challenging academic projects to equally rewarding creative and extracurricular pursuits.

3-May-23-2023-06-09-53-7509-PMCharles Bingham '23 wrote about his mind for the creative as well as the clinical. In addition to his strong academic performance which will lead him to a pre-med track, he is a skilled woodworker, an entrepreneur who started his own business, and a talented vocalist with a full portfolio of musical achievements. Next stop: Davidson College



Anjali Shankar '23 shared her passion for learning about people, both at the molecular level as an aspiring biochemist on her way to a pre-med track and as an officially trained N4 Story Exchange facilitator. Her empathy, guidance, and intellect shine throughout her essay. Next stop: University of Pennsylvania


2-May-23-2023-06-09-53-7208-PMSierra Smith '23 expressed her work as an award-winning photographer who also conducted research on birds, swamp ghost crabs, and rainforest animals in Puerto Rico through the Audubon Society. She also discussed her work as the founder of NexxgenSTEM, an organization that mentors younger girls in STEM fields with a focus on those from underserved communities. Next stop: Wake Forest University


Class of 2023 - Colleges and Universities

Amherst College*

Howard University

Stevens Institute of Technology*

Babson College

Lehigh University*

Syracuse University*

Barnard College

Marywood University

Thomas Jefferson University

Boston University*

McGill University*

Trinity College

Brown University

Messiah University

Tufts University

Bucknell University

Moravian University

Tulane University

Butler University

Morehouse College

University of California, Davis

California Institute of Technology

New York University*

University of California, Los Angeles

College of Charleston

Northampton Community College

University of Denver*

Connecticut College

Northeastern University*

University of Detroit, Mercy, accelerated dental program

Cornell University

Pennsylvania State University*

University of Michigan

Davidson College*

Rochester Institute of Technology

University of Pennsylvania

Florida Southern College

Smith College

University of Pittsburgh

Fordham University

St. Lawrence University

University of Richmond

Harvard College*

St. Joseph's University

Wake Forest University

High Point University

Stanford University

Washington University, St. Louis
    West Chester University


Class of 2023 - Graduates

Anika Agrawal

Jewel Kislin

Michael Alchaer

Devin Klotz

Aleena Anas

Ethan Krupka

Okezue Bell

Hildi Kurlansik

Charles Bingham

Kaitlyn Lee

Kendall Bolden

Andrew Mariani

John Bollinger

Claire Martin

Gabriel Borsuk

Alexander Mayer

Audrey Boucher

Rohan Mehta

Elena Capobianco

Tayden Miller

Felicia Carroll

Moriah Mitchell

Nicholas Colitas

Braeden Parks

Sarah Connors

John Perrucci

Olivia Cunningham

Lauren Pulcini

Sofia Eckman

Evania Raskapur

Benjamin Edelman

Christopher Ray

Evan Eichenlaub

Nabeel Rifai

Sofia Ettle

Rafael Sanjuan

Jonathan Fabiano

Phoebe Shane

Oakes Fegley

Anjali Shankar

Roshen Gandotra

Trey Sheeler

Alina Gangji

Spencer Simmons

Gregory Gianforcaro

Sierra Smith

Samuel Greenberg

Elena Tongg Weiler

Gia Gupta

Gianna Tout-Puissant

Ryan Hart

Tianna Tout-Puissant

Kazi Hossain

Wisdom Ufondu

Grace Hylton

Adrian Vanegas

Devon Jewell

Sophia Vidal

Rosemary John

Lindsay Williams

Patrick Johnson

Michael Yampolsky

Andrew Kara

Yan Yu

Eleanor Kenyon

Camilla Zelada


Elijah Zemsky

Congratulations to the Class of 2023! The schools you've chosen are very lucky indeed. Cheers to the successful futures ahead, but first, we'll see you at Commencement! 


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